FFXIV Gpose Photographer with a Creative Twist!

digital artwork

I am currently UNAVAILABLE AT THIS TIME for commission work. Please be sure to join my Discord and select the Hart Photography option to know current status.My process is to take screen shots from the game itself and manipulate them in Photoshop. Samples of my work and my full collection can be found at my website: meimei-online.com

What You Get

  • You will receive a custom made artwork piece done by yours truly! In A4 size, 300dpi.

  • You will get 3 verions: 300dpi high-res RGB, 72dpi web-optimized and watermarked for sharing on the web, and a 300dpi high-res CMYK for printing!

  • I can send these via Discord (zipped) or to your email, whichever option you are comfortable with.


At this time, I do not have a set fee for my work and only accept payment in the form of gil. On average I receive between 3-5 million gil per artwork piece. Amount is based entirely on what you feel my work is worth.Payment is accepted before or after you have seen the work I have created for you. Please note that if you prefer to pay after I have created the piece for you, you will only receive a watermarked proof of the artwork. Once payment is collected you will receive the unwatermarked copy.

About Carina

I started doing Gpose Photography for FFXIV as a personal hobby and pass time, and soon discovered that FFXIV has a wonderful photo taking feature that is so ideal for doing artwork. I began doing artwork for friends, and soon realized that other people were interested in the artwork that I do.I love doing artwork, and especially sharing my artwork and my process with others.View more samples of my artwork at: meimei-online.comPlease note that I do SFW (safe for work) artwork only.

Commission Me

The quickest way to reach me is by Discord: meimei.onlineIf you do not have Discord, you may also email me at: [email protected]

In Game: Carina Hart (Gilgamesh)Hart Photography Studio
c/o Traders Free Company
Lavender Beds, W25 P3, Rm. #16
Gilgamesh, Aether

Terms & Conditions

  • Unless otherwise specified by you, I reserve the right to use the artwork for my portfolio either on my website (meimei-online.com) or elsewhere.

  • I reserve the right to refuse any artwork that I feel is inappropriate. This may be anything racial, political, etc. I do not have to give an explanation as to why I have chosen to refuse a commission request.

  • You may use the art on social media or printing for personal use so long as it is not used to make revenue. Please credit me with a link to meimei-online.com if you do post the artwork anywhere. I would appreciate it greatly!


  • I've seen Hart Photography credited on non-art gpose photos, but I don't see this service offered on your website? Unfortunately, I can no longer commit to taking gpose photographs due to time and other physical limitations.

  • I saw Hart Photography listed as a creator for a logo or website but I don't see this service offered here? Correct, this is not something I am open to doing in general. This service is offered as a favor to friends.

  • I saw Hart Photography does Artwork Giveaways, is this something I can ask of you too? No, my Artwork Giveaways were exclusive to my own venue, Carina's Heart (now closed), as a monthly VIP giveaway option and occasionally for events. This is not a service I toss out at random for other venues.